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01 August 2019
Avril Lavigne – The Head Above Water Tour, New York City Tickets
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We have a few extra VIP tickets to Avril Lavigne’s show in New York that we need to sell! If interested please email us avrilrlportugal@outlook.com or DM us on twitter

12 May 2019
It’s our 7 year anniversary!
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Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years, we’ll keep doing our best to bring you the latest news and updates — 7 years supporting Avril, here’s to many more!

03 April 2019
Join our new Head Above Water secret project!
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We’re working on a new secret project! Everything will be revealed when it’s done and we’ll do our best to get Avril to see it – to join write a short message talking about how Avril’s latest album Head Above Water has helped you and what it means to you, you don’t need to take any photos, simply type your message and send it to us by tweeting us or emailing avrilrlportugal@outlook.com. Make sure to include your NAME and if you’re comfortable your AGE as well. Please don’t DM on instagram as we don’t check there. There’s no deadline but when we’re closer to finishing it we’ll let you know a few days before we end the project 🙂

28 February 2019
Avril Lavigne has a new surprise for us…!
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Avril shared through her instagram stories that she is recording a “music video thing” today! But wait… there’s a “twist” she said she’s shooting the video before recording the song. What could this surprise be? Any guesses?

15 February 2019
Avril Lavigne’s ‘Head Above Water’ is now available + album giveaway
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February 15 we finally got to hear Avril’s highly anticipated album Head Above Water! You can listen and purchase it here.

We’re also giving away 1 physical copy of the album on twitter! See the tweet below for more info

Check out also the cake we bought to celebrate