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14 January 2019
New interview for The Guardian
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Avril Lavigne has given a new interview for The Guardian, she talks about how she has struggled with record labels as they wanted her to write songs that just were not her.

“I’ve had to fight different people on this journey over those 17 years: ‘You need to do this and it needs to go Top 40.’ You make those songs cos you have to, but then the stuff that’s the best on record is the album tracks.”

you can read the full interview here

10 January 2019
New Album ‘Head Above Water’ by Avril Lavigne available for pre-order!
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Head Above Water, Avril’s upcoming album is now available for pre-order on her official online store! https://smarturl.it/AvrilLavigneStore $2 from every purchase will be donated to The Avril Lavigne Foundation and you get one copy of the album with every item you purchase! Head Above Water is set to be released this year on February 15 – you can check out the tracklist here.

13 December 2018
‘Tell Me It’s Over’ by Avril Lavigne out now!
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Tell Me It’s Over premiered today on youtube! Avril watched the release the video together with the fans ‘you guys are so awesome I love you!!‘ said Avril on the youtube chat where fans were commenting about the video. This sound is different from her previous songs, let us know what you think about both the video and the song!

“I feel like I’ve really opened up on this record more than I ever have before. Each song tells a story that will hopefully inspire others to believe in themselves and stand up for what they know is right and what they truly deserve! Tell Me It’s Over is an anthem about being strong and finally putting your foot down and closing the door on a relationship that you know is wrong after time and time again of falling for their games. If someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, don’t put up with it. It’s understandably so hard because in the past every time you saw them, they sucked you in and you fell right back into their web. But not anymore starting now! The vocals and the lyrics are very vulnerable which is reflective of the feelings I got in relationships like these. I wanted to write something classic. I have been inspired by some of the timeless queens I listen to everyday at home, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Etta James. They represent women who stand up for women and aren’t going to put up with a man’s bullshit anymore!!”

– Avril

07 December 2018
Avril Lavigne reveals cover art and tracklist of her upcoming album
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Head Above Water, Avril’s highly anticipated album is coming out in February of next year! The album will be available for pre-order on December 12 and contains 12 tracks 

  •  Head Above Water
  • Birdie
  • I Fell in Love With the Devil
  • Tell Me It’s Over
  • Dumb Blonde
  • It Was In Me
  • Souvenir
  • Crush
  • Goddess
  • Bigger Wow
  • Love Me Insane
  • Warrior
05 December 2018
New single ‘Tell Me It’s Over’ by Avril Lavigne coming next week!
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Avril Lavigne announced today on her social media that she will be releasing Tell Me It’s Over, a new single, on December 12. Along with the announcement she also shared the official cover of the single! How exciting?!